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With Saul Israel and Douglas Johnson, World Geography Today, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1976; revised edition, 1980.


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with John Fels, The Power of Maps, Guilford Press, New York, 1992; Routledge, Abingdon, UK, 1993; Taylor and Franics, London, 1998, 2000 (a History Book Club selection, a Book of the Month Club selection, a Quality Paperback Bookclub selection, a Lingua Franca “Breakthrough Book in Geography,” reviewed in The Christian Science Monitor, Cartographica, Isis, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, The Professional Geographer, Mapline, Queen’s Quarterly, Journal of Historical Geography, the American Center for Design’s Statements, Science as Culture, et cetera).

with John Fels, The Power of Maps, published in Taibei as

/ (Di du quan li xue), Shi bao wen hua chu ban, 1996; and in Beijing as as

/ (Di tu de li liang: shi guo qu yu wei lai xian xing), Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she.

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with Robert Beck, Home Rules, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1994 (reviewed in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, The New Yorker, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Religious Studies Review, Library Journal, Design Book Review, The Providence Journal-Bulletin, et cetera).  


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with Ward Kaiser, Seeing Through Maps, Amherst, ODT, 2001 (reviewed in Geography, The Geographical Review, Cartographica, twice, Imago Mundi, Kartografisch Tijdschrift, The Cartographic Journal, Portolan, Government Training News, SoC Bulletin, Global TeachNet, et cetera).


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Five Billion Years of Global Change: A History of the Land, Guilford, New York, 2004 (reviewed in Cultural Geographies, Environmental Practice, H-Environment, et cetera).


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with John Krygier, Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, Guilford, New York, 2005 (reviewed in Journal of the American Planning Association, International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, Cartouche, Journal of Planning Literature, Cartography, Very Spatial, The Map Room, Planning, et cetera).

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Route 66, Center for American Places, Staunton, VA, 2005, is an innovative history of the great American highway. Written by Arthur Krim, Denis was deeply involved in readying the book for publication. His “Edited by” credit on the title page only hints at his involvement. The book won the J. B. Jackson Prize for 2006, awarded by the Association of American Geographers, for "conveying the insights of professional geography in language that is interesting and attractive to a lay audience.”

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with Ward Kaiser and Robert Abramms, Seeing Through Maps: Second Edition, Amherst, ODT, 2006; New Internationalist Publications, Oxford, UK, 2006 (reviewed in The Map Room, Cartographic Perspectives, et cetera, translation: Thai).

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Shadowed Spaces (Arika, 2007) Small booklet printed for a tour of the U.K. with Tamio Shiraishi, Ikuro Takahashi, Denis Wood, and Sean Meehan. Booklet includes the first publication of Wood’s essay Shadowed Spaces: In Defense of Indefensible Space and an introduction that Sean Meehan wroteabout the tour. Letterpress cover and hand-stitched binding. Published by Arika, UK.

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with John Fels, The Natures of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of the Natural World, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2008 (reviewed in Nature, Conservation Magazine, The Geographical Journal, Technology and Culture, Cartographic Perspectives, Cartographica, Cultural Geographies, Geographical Review, Earth First! Newswire, et cetera).


with John Fels and John Krygier, Rethinking
the Power of Maps
, Guilford Press, New York,
2010. (Reviewed in Intercultural Memories, Choice, and Political Geography).

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More on Rethinking the Power of Maps.


Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas, Siglio Press, Los Angeles, 2010. (Reviewed in Cartographica, Fanzine, and the News Observer.)

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Denis discusses Everything Sings on This American Life.
More on Everything Sings.


with John Krygier, Making Maps, Second Edition: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, Guilford, New York, 2011. Translation: Korean. (Reviewed in Cartographia and Free Geography Tools.)


Seeing Through Maps: Second Edition has just been translated into Thai and brought out by the Kobfai Publishing Project of the Foundation for Democracy and Development Studies in Bangkok.
Korean! Denis and John Krygier's cartography text, Making Maps, has just been published in Korean by Sigma Press. They did a beautiful job! Visit them atwww.sigmapress.co.kr
SECOND EDITION of Everything Sings. An expanded and revised second edition of Everything Sings. It has ten new maps, two original essays, by Albert Mobilio and Ander Monson, and an interview with Denis by Blake Butler. Wrapped in a violet dust jacket, the book is bound in abrilliant yellow with grass green endpapers. It contains every bit of the first edition. Distributed by Artbook/D.A.P., it's for sale at siglio, Amazon, and elsewhere. Among the new maps are Dogs, Barking Dogs, Flowering Trees, Roof Lines, Stories, Families, Numbers, Footprints, and Nesting. The story of Boylan Heights grows more and more interesting!
Second, "The Commemorative Edition,” of Arthur Krim’s Route 66: Iconography of the American Highway, George F. Thompson Publishing, Staunton, VA. Denis was deeply involved in readying this innovative history of the great American highway for publication. His “Edited by” credit only hints at his involvement. The publication of this revised and updated edition – with additional photographs by Steve Fitch, Jim Farber and others – coincides with the Route 66 exhibition at the Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles.
Korean again! Denis’ atlas, Everything Sings, has just been published in Korean by Propaganda Press. They did a beautiful job! Visit their site for the book here. Scroll down through he Korean to see selected pages.
with Joe Bryan,Weaponizing Maps: Indigenous Peoples and Counterinsurgency in the Americas, Guilford, New York, 2015. Click here for Guilford. Click here for Amazon.
There’s lots new in the Making Maps: Third Edition, just released from Guilford Press. Denis and John have thoroughly revised a book that now bears only passing resemblance to the first edition of eleven years ago: revised chapter structure, new examples, much more color, an expanded comic strip, but in even fewer pages! This is not just another boring old cartography textbook. It’s a book about making maps!
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